Working in Web Development, Design, audio/video production and Information Architecture (IA) has been one of my life's passions.

With 18+ years of experience and such a broad range of skills and expertise from technical manager, project management, and creative development, the challenge of creating web applications has always been at the forefront of my career preference. If you’re looking for a strong developer who is creative, flexible, analytical, and a team leader then you might have just found him.

Most of my development focuses around the separation of technologies and following web standards as outlined in the w3c to allow for optimal continuous integration and plug-and-play reusable components that take advantage of scalable solutions for high-load/high-volume asynchronous cloud delivery at low overhead.

I'm a full service developer and am an expert in sustainable agile and dry development with high load server platform architecture installation/configuration, web design, copywriting, application planning, W3C compliant HTML5/CSS3, Javascript and frameworks (jQuery/nodeJS/Vue (NUXT)/React/angular2), Mobile Adobe Cordova, iOS/Android + Web/Mobile, React Native, Flash/ActionScript 2/3, and PHP/Python/Ruby on Rails development.

I also have 8 years of experience in strategy consulting, creating wireframes, design mockups in Photoshop and Illustrator, proposal writing, technical writing, SEO, and client management.

I’ve created many types of platforms: b2b, b2c, SaaS applications, e-commerce systems, content management systems, real estate sites, investment software, several content management applications, magazine publishing applications, permission based email marketing systems, invoice/billing and business management applications, voting and contest platforms and systems, and several others.

I'm equipped with video production gear. Canon Rebel T6i, GoPro 6, battery packs, personal clip mics with bluetooth transmitters. Mic boom, and zoom mics. Ring lighting, whitebox, and various gimbals and attachments.

A list of my hobbies would include: music (guitar, drums, piano), blockchain technology & investing, electronic engineering & creating circuits. I also have a strong interest in architecture & design, self sustaining and self regulating systems as-well-as alternative energy and environmental and social advocacy volunteering in charities and social innovation projects in my spare time.


Freelance Web Developer / Architect (2009-PRESENT)

Have been working on several agency, client projects, artists, and start-up ventures including Mass Minority, ORYX Agency, The Secret Location, Big Brother Canada - Season 2, Quick World, Deal Comity, iLion Investment Technology, Stand One Records, The Break, Hy-Mark, Cushman Wakefield Waterloo, The Guilt Free Zone + Interactive Game, Laser Thread, and Quandl doing a wide variety of tasks from project to project including, UX/UE planning and wireframing, web/mobile application development and deployment using HTML5, CSS/SCSS, Vanilla Javascript/GULP/NodeJS, AngularJS 1 & 2 (es5, es6/babel) ,Skelleton FrameworkTM REST API and CMS with high load and scalable deployment services using Amazon EC2, S3, SES, and SQS. Highly demonstrated go-to attitude and the ability to work with minimal supervision.

One Net Inc. / Senior Web Developer (June 2017-May 2018)

A transmedia production studio. I worked on projects for eBillity, Amplify Her, Standard Media Index, iSentium, Kin, Kik, HipsterBait, and was involved in developing, designing, and maintaining sites and applications using Vue/NUXT.js, HTML, CSS3/SCSS, jQuery/JavaScript, Node.js, Express.

One Method + Bensimon Byrne / Senior Web Developer (June 2012-May 2013)

An award-winning digital + design shop. I worked on projects for Universal Studios, Fortress Real Capital, Slate Properties, Svedka Vodka, Red Carpet, Lou Dawgs, and was involved in developing, designing, and maintaining sites and applications using HTML5/CSS3, jQuery/JavaScript, CreateJS, PHP, and Python.

Freelance Web Developer / Architect, Site Mafia Interactive, Toronto, ON (2008-2009)

Re-assumed my role as Lead Developer / Architect developing Site Mafia's new series of application products including a full PHP framework called Skelleton as well as a customizable Small Business Management Suite that consists of client and services management, invoicing and billing, project management (ticket tracking, time tracking), accounting/reporting, human resource management (payroll, training centre, staff management), and public relation functionality (RSS news feeds, permission based email and SMS marketing, media resources).

Web Specialist, TSOT Inc., Toronto, ON (2006-2007)

The primary focus in this Start-Up company was to create a compelling social networking site similar to FaceBook but specifically oriented towards Fraternities and Sororities. Being one of two initial developers my accomplishments were extensive. We worked primarily using an Open Source - Ruby on Rails platform and developed every kind of tool you would find in a social network such as: email communication, private and public profiles and groups, events calendar, financial management utilities and billing, and many more.

Freelance Web Developer, Aquent, Toronto, ON (2003-2006)

Freelanced at various companies on contract basis (TD, Alliance Atlantis, Ogilvy, GJP, Pearson Education, The Works) and was involved in developing, designing, and maintaining sites and applications using Flash, HTML, DHTML, Java-Script, PHP, JSP, ASP.

Technical Manager, Site Mafia Interactive, Toronto, ON (2001-2006)

Spent half of the time in a Project Management Role overseeing several development groups and the other half as a Technical Lead and Developer. Displayed successful time management when working with many clients simultaneously, managing, developing, designing, and maintaining sites using Flash, HTML, DHTML, JavaScript, Cold Fusion, PHP, JSP, C++, ASP, Oracle/Access/MySQL Databases.

Web Developer, Leo Burnett, Toronto, ON (1999-2001)

Worked with large companies' sites such as Procter & Gamble(Cheer, Inner Science), Kellogg's, VISA, Starchoice, and Four Seasons to create a captivating online presence. Involved in the development of several large brand websites and utilities using Flash, HTML, DHTML, Java-Script, Cold Fusion, PHP, Access/ MySQL Databases.

More Experience and References Available Upon Request.


  • Develop using OS X, Sublime Text, and Eclipse in LAMP environment
  • Familiar with advanced installation and configuration of Linux and UNIX based server software and damons, Amazon Web Services(AWS), Apache, mySQL, SendMail, Postfix & Shell Scripting (BASH, Expect, Perl, PHP)
  • Amazon Web Services API - S3, EC2, Route53, SQS, SES, Lambda, API Gateway, DynamoDB, etc.
  • Advanced Version Control: Git, SVN /w WebHooks
  • Advanced Design services using Adobe Creative Suite
  • Advanced PHP5, HTML5, CSS3/SCSS, XML
  • Advanced Javascript, jQuery, AngularJS 1 & 2 (es5, es6/babel), nodeJS/NPM, AJAX, JSON, Gulp/Grunt
  • Intermediate Ruby on Rails (HAML & SASS), Python, Java / JSP + J2EE
  • Mobile Adobe Cordova, Ionic, iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry, Objective C, Titanium Appcelerator, JQTouch
  • Advanced frameworks, Laravel, Skelleton, Zend, Code Igniter
  • Intermediate Flash, Swish, FLEX, Actionscript 2.0/3.0
  • Advanced API services: Facebook Graph, Twitter, Google Service API + Maps, Flickr
  • Advanced Database: MySQL, PostGres, NOSQL(MongoDB, Dynamo), Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Access, Oracle
  • Web 2.0, W3c Standards, AODA / WCAG 2.0 Compliance, AGILE, MVC, REST/SOAP, Object Oriented Programming, KISS/DRY
  • Project Management, SEO, sales and customer service experience
  • Data Mining, Regular Expression, Pattern Matching, RSS
  • e-Commerce, Stripe, Moneris, Authorize.net, Internet Secure, WorldPay, PayPal
  • Email Template Development + Marketing, CASL Compliance
  • SquareSpace, Shopify, WordPress, Content Management, Web Hook
  • Communications: WebRTC Technologies


Self taught working in Agency environment a year after secondary school; strong ability to learn and grow independently; strong memory, research skills, and ability to adapt and innovate in a creative capacity.

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